Cost of Services

Individual Coaching

9th and 10th Grade        $250 per month

11th Grade                     $375 per month

12th Grade                     $500 per month

Small Group Classes

Scholarships Class                $150 per student

College List Class                 $250 per student

College Application Class     $500 per student

Consultation & Hourly Rate

$85.00 per hour

Discounts and Offers

Family Discount - Families with two or more children who receive individual coaching services

  • 5% off all contract services following the completion of the first child's service contract.

Referral Discount - For all clients who refer another client who commits to individual coaching

  • $50 for each referral, applied to services to be received

Annual Return Discount - For all clients who receive services two or more years.  Discount applies to individual coaching contract services only.

  • $100 discount for each year in contracted services