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University of Alaska Status

Students, parents and high school educators alike are concerned for our Alaska students options for in state college education. With the budget cuts coming for the University of Alaska, that regular concern is even greater. Below is a statement from

Craig Mead, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations, UAA

Craig Mead, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations at University of Alaska Anchorage regarding students choosing to enroll at UAA.

The University of Alaska is committed to the teaching and training of students in STEM, Arts, Business and Health programs. We know that any student admitted to a degree program must have a path to graduation. If a decision is made to discontinue a program, the current students must be provided a individualized plan and avenue to complete their degree. This is required by institutional accreditation.

The University of Alaska is continuing to work through discussions and plans for future structure and composition. The withdraw of the declaration of Financial Exigency provides considerable more stability and gradual change. The university is committed to being transparent through this process and communicating to current and future students as decisions are reached.

I would encourage your students who express interest in UAA and our programs to apply. This would help to ensure both that we can communicate more closely with them as decisions are reached, but also aid us in letting them know their next steps and actions to take to be enrolled at UAA.

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